Internetworking Indonesia Journal Vol I No 2

Dear IIJ Editorial Advisory Board Members,

We have just completed Vol.1/No.2 (Fall/Winter 2009) of the Internetworking Indonesia Journal (IIJ):

This Issue is in fact a Special Issue on Data Mining, with the Guest Editors being Dr Anto Satriyo Nugroho (BPPT) and Moch Arif Bijaksana (ITT Telkom) from Indonesia. The IIJ would like to sincerely thank these Guest Editors for their excellent work. We received submissions not only from Indonesia, but from other countries also. Indeed three (3) of the published papers are from authors located overseas.

You may have noticed that this 2nd Issue of 2009 was slightly late in publication. This was primarily due to the extensive review process that took longer than planned.  However, we decided that maintaining quality was of higher priority, even at the cost of the Issue being late by some weeks.

The IIJ would like to thank the Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) members of the IIJ for their continuing support. We look forward
to working with you in 2010.


IIJ Editors
Thomas Hardjono (MIT Kerberos Consortium).
Budi Rahardjo (ITB).
Kuncoro Wastuwibowo (Telkom Indonesia).

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