Qbaca: Indonesian Ebook

Qbaca, Indonesia Digital Books Ecosystem, offers us with:

  • Collection of digital books from various publishers: free, paid, or advertised
  • A bookstore to buy and pay for books. Currently, payments can be made via ATM, Internet Banking and SMS Banking.
  • A bookshelf in our mobile devices, Android and Apple iOS, to store downloaded books
  • A convenient book reading experience, with various font size and types, in various screen size.

How to obtain Qbaca?

Users can install Qbaca mobile applications in their gadgets, whether they are smartphones or tablets, with the Android or Apple iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.). Download Qbaca freely here:

Qbaca in Your Hand

Who will like Qbaca?

  • Qbaca is a tool for booklovers, to always bring all of our favourite books anytime anywhere, any number of books, and to read them comfortably and in familiarity of reading our old books.
  • Qbaca is a room for teaching and education, where we can store educational books, and also education interactivity tools (worksheets, quizzes, experiments) that we can create live on digital books.
  • Qbaca is a tool for digital people, the geek, the gadget freak, to maximise the use of our gadgets to explore a more various information and ideas in more depth than just social media booms.
  • Qbaca is the ecosystem that drives book authors, book publishers, digital content creators, design creators, communities of book lovers, and digital lifestyle enthusiasts to collaborate in creating new and better values for the nation, economically, and culturally.

How to Read Books on Qbaca

  • Install Qbaca in Android or Apple iOS
  • Register yourself in the Android app or on web (Qbaca.com)
  • Free books can be downloaded in Android and iOS apps, directly from applications.
  • To buy the book, you may use the Android apps or web Qbaca.com.
  • Payment can be made by paying in ATM, Internet Banking or SMS Banking; via menu [Payment | Telkom] or similar menus in various banks. Pay for the “payment code” given when purchasing the book (eg 195 950 100 195). Some banks require us to add 0 in front of payment code (e.g. 0195950100195).
  • Books that have been paid or a free download, will be stored on the shelf in our application.
  • Books that have been on the shelf can be read directly.

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 7.13.08 AM

Please also notice:

  • Books that have been purchased can be removed from the device and then can be downloaded again at any time without having to pay again, while using the same user account.
  • Books that have been purchased by an account on the device, can be redownloaded at another device using the same account, without having to pay again.
  • To download books on Apple iOS device, please buy the book via web Qbaca.com or via Android device.
  • One account can be used to download books in 5 device
  • However, only one device can be used to log in 2 accounts just in one month.

How to Publish a Book in Qbaca

If you are an author, at this early stage we can only advise you to contact a publisher who has worked with Qbaca. Certain publishers will provide facilities for publishing books to Qbaca. Please check with us on the Contact Us menu at Qbaca.com.

If you are a publisher, prepare your Business License, TDP, and NPWP of the company. The publisher will sign a contract with Telkom, which will incluse a revenue sharing scheme. Contact us through Contact Us on the menu Qbaca.com.

How Qbaca is Different?

  • Qbaca is supported by leading book publishers Indonesia, with a reputation of their of high quality books. Qbaca is also supported by communities of authors, readers, book reviewer, and digital communities trendsetter in Indonesia.
  • Qbaca provides healthy reading. Books with bad content will not be available in Qbaca. So Qbaca is a provider of healthy reading and education for Indonesian people.
  • Qbaca uses an open, standardised format, i.e. EPUB3,  so the content will be easily prepared by the publishers. EPUB3 (launched in 2012) also allows the books to incluse multimedia contents (animation, video, interactive content). In addition, this format allows users of both small screen phone and wide screen tablets to  enjoy reading books with the same comfort.
  • In addition to paid books and free books, we prepare a new business model of advertised books. For the reader, these books look like a free books with premium content. But publishers and authors will get revenue from ads. The ads will not be banners etc, but like advertising pages inside the books, tailored contextually to the theme of the book.


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